Meet Matt

Matt is a Graphic Designer based but (obviously) not limited to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He brings to the table a love for the craft, a passion for the process, and 15 years of marketing/communications experience. He believes building strong client relationships produce the best results. With an intuitive eye for design and attention to detail, Matt is dedicated to raising the bar on excellence. He is a constant learner and always up for another challenge.





17 Things About Matt

  1. He is a follower of Christ.
  2. Matt failed art in high school.
  3. He achieved an Artist of the Year Award the following year.
  4. He designed his own Award.
  5. He stopped doing the comb-over in university.
  6. His barber charges a finder’s fee.
  7. He’s left handed.
  8. He can write with his right.
  9. He met his wife online.
  10. He has three kids (preemies).
  11. Matt shares an office in a church building.
  12. He is a slurpee addict.
  13. He’s a Mark Messier lookalike.
  14. He can’t play hockey.
  15. He ran a half marathon in 2006.
  16. Matt was born in Los Angeles.
  17. He is a dual citizen of the US and Canada.
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