What’s new(s)

As some of you know, I have been reworking my website and blog. Since June to be exact. I’ve wanted to get it completely perfect before launch… Ah perfection, my enemy. You are an elusive ideal. And so instead, I consider this site to be a ‘living document’. In other words, it will continue to change and grow. In the meantime, I give myself permission to iron out the kinks and make those inevitable changes. On the fly. So without further ado, here’s my new site. Comments are welcome.

Stay tuned…

New happenings here this fall/winter.

  • Interviews with creatives in the business. Freelancers, CD’s.
  • Here’s your opportunity to share your philosophy, insight into the local design scene or
  • Showcase your favorite/best work.
  • Also a new series on taking risks in life and freelance. If you are interested in a guest post let me know…