What I Learned From My Mutton Bustin’ Daughter



What the Sam Hill is Mutton Busting, you ask? For kids under 60 lbs, it’s a firsthand taste of rodeoing – a chance to test young wits and mettle…riding sheep. Out of 100, points are awarded for length of ride, difficulty, and crowd participation. In a flurry of dust and wool, it’s usually over in less than 8 seconds. And my 8-year old was determined to give ‘er a go.

Her first ride earned her second place for the day and a chance to ride in the finals two days later.

This is what I learned from her:

1. Show up. As the third alternate on the list, the odds were against her. But if you want a chance to ride,
like she did , you show up anyway.

2. Face your fears. There’s something to be said about doing it in spite of the butterflies.
It gets a little easier the next time.

3. Hang on for the ride. Get the tightest grip you can. Close your eyes. And don’t let go, until it’s really over.

4. Have fun.

Did she win? Yes she did: A two night stay for the whole family at a kids theme room hotel in Winnipeg.