Marketing Never Ends

Over 10 years ago, I went into business to help small business clearly communicate their products and services to their customers. The irony is, I only reluctantly ever did the same for my own. And my business all but failed not for the lack of good marketing, but for the lack of any marketing at all. Period.

I was what Michael Gerber described in his book the E-Myth Revisited, a technician – one who did the work the business did – but in reality, had no idea how to lead, manage or market one that did.

Marketing is like a race with no finish line. I don’t remember where I heard that this week, but it stuck with me. It’s true. For some of you that probably feels like added work to an already overwhelmed schedule. For others it’s the only permission you need to continue engaging your customers more creatively.

For your marketing efforts to work, adopt a wash, rinse, repeat routine. Be:

  • Relevant
  • disciplined
  • Systematic
  • Continuous
  • Repeatable

I have made some bonehead business mistakes. Don’t do what I did. Not marketing was simply the biggest bonehead mistake of them all. The day you stop marketing is the day your business begins to die. Marketing never ends. Ever.