Just do it




Anything worth doing is worth doing badly

I have been bumping into a common theme over the past several weeks. Finally, this morning I’ve hit that tipping point where I couldn’t NOT write about this. Observing the lack of blog posts this year, I have been suffering from some form of inertia, procrastination, fear, who knows? Whatever the ailment, the remedy might actually be very simple.

Recently a couple of blog posts delivered two swift kicks to the hinder-parts regarding keeping this blog up to date (among other things). Michael Hyatt (here) encouraged what he describes as Permanent Beta. Embrace the fact, he says, that nothing will ever be completely perfect and go ahead and do it anyway. That thought, along with this one:  anything worth doing is worth doing badly – grabbed my attention. Obviously it doesn’t mean we should intentionally do a poor job. It simply addresses those niggling little fears we all have that can keep us from doing anything at all.

And Mitch Joel (here) also recognized this problem. His solution? Start. Start today. Start again tomorrow. Keep starting. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. In other words, stop whatever excuses you currently bat around and just do it.

It’s about time. What about you?