2 simple reasons why trade shows work

It has been a whirlwind month for McClay Design. The simple reason is trade shows – this month I have been to the Royal Winter Fair, Horse 3, and the Mane Event. When  it comes right down to it, I haven’t been busier or happier. Here are a couple reasons why trade shows have worked  to […]

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Marketing Never Ends

Over 10 years ago, I went into business to help small business clearly communicate their products and services to their customers. The irony is, I only reluctantly ever did the same for my own. And my business all but failed not for the lack of good marketing, but for the lack of any marketing at all. Period. […]

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Speaking at the Dauphin Direct Farm Marketing Conference

  On March 9th I had an privilege to speak to a fabulous group of farm business owners, MAFRI folks and others. Being my first public speaking opportunity, I was honestly a little intimidated. But from all the reports and feedback, it went very well. And I really enjoyed it. A shout out to the all the […]

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A Wanted Ad

Nearly two decades ago and not long after I had landed several writing gigs (read two), I answered an ad for a “Hot New Copywriter.” I wrote and rewrote my response and filled a wastebasket full of three-point shots before I stopped and called instead. It was an agency position and I was riding a high of […]

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Moving Forward

Taking Risks is the Right Thing to Do If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business it’s that all risks weigh the same. It’s the consequences that are measured in degrees of danger. In February 1988, I spent a quiet hour talking with Carol Shields, the late Governor General’s Award and Pullitzer Prize-winning author, about […]

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