Just do it


    Anything worth doing is worth doing badly I have been bumping into a common theme over the past several weeks. Finally, this morning I’ve hit that tipping point where I couldn’t NOT write about this. Observing the lack of blog posts this year, I have been suffering from some form of inertia, procrastination, […]

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Becoming a Certified Graphic Designer


  Update! I am now a full-fledged card carrying member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. Read about it here. I’m working toward becoming a professional member of the GDC – Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. For those who aren’t aware, to join the association requires an extensive portfolio review. Acceptance will […]

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A New Perspective

This summer, our family was thrown a serious curve ball. Our plans for family outings, day trips and the like were brought to a grinding halt one evening when my wife began to complain of abdominal pain. A reluctant trip to emergency resulted in a week long stay in hospital, numerous tests and a gall […]

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Zellers Rant!

I try to avoid Zellers. But occasionally against my better judgment I do shop there. Not every Zellers experience should be a bad one right? I shop like any red-blooded male…with a goal. I go in. I get. I leave. But once again I must ask for help. It’s actually become a trend. Ask, then […]

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Watching Flies

Monday. I make it over to the bank. A little early. I walk through the door and fail to register why so many people are standing there. I reach for the inside door and pull. Then push. A voice behind me whispers “opens at 9:30.” I find room at the wall. Elbow to elbow. It […]

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