Saddle Up Anyway

I’ve always loved designing type posters. They’re a lot of fun. Here’s a brand new one from McClay Design. A punchy John Wayne quote that actually packs a lot of meaning, ” Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.” – Enjoy:  

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What’s new(s)

As some of you know, I have been reworking my website and blog. Since June to be exact. I’ve wanted to get it completely perfect before launch… Ah perfection, my enemy. You are an elusive ideal. And so instead, I consider this site to be a ‘living document’. In other words, it will continue to […]

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Stop Toast Brutality

I spotted this ad as a billboard on the drive to the office one morning. It got an instant laugh. Why? Because this happens to everyone and it probably happened to me that same morning. It’s also why this ad for Gaylea spreadable butter has worked so well. It used a relatively common problem and […]

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To Hear Well Done

Here’s a new gift-sized book designed for first time author Dave Louden.

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May The Force Be With You

I have always been a fan of typography. And these Star Wars posters are made only with type! Very nice indeed. Check out the creators here: H-57

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