A Whirlwind Week + one more

It’s really proved to be a whirlwind week. A client of mine, an agronomist, called to invite me to attend Manitoba Potato Days in Brandon.  “Be there at 8:00 and have breakfast with the farmers.” he told me on the phone Tuesday afternoon. “Spend the day at the show.” So less than a week after Ag […]

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Manitoba Ag Days 2013


I almost missed the show completely. Our furnace died Saturday, during the night. We spent the next days following up on programs, getting quotes, etc. Originally, I planned to bring the family and make it a bit of a field trip for them. But, worried about space heaters, I made the trip alone on thursday, […]

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A Book Review + What’s Next?

Most people want to do something that gets them out of bed in the morning, something they love to do, that makes a difference in other people’s lives. At least I do. Unfortunately I think most of us settle for less. We worry about failing. We worry about succeeding. We obsess about perfection. And we […]

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Saddle Up Anyway

I’ve always loved designing type posters. They’re a lot of fun. Here’s a brand new one from McClay Design. A punchy John Wayne quote that actually packs a lot of meaning, ” Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway.” – Enjoy:  

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A Wanted Ad

Nearly two decades ago and not long after I had landed several writing gigs (read two), I answered an ad for a “Hot New Copywriter.” I wrote and rewrote my response and filled a wastebasket full of three-point shots before I stopped and called instead. It was an agency position and I was riding a high of […]

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