Speaking at the Dauphin Direct Farm Marketing Conference

  On March 9th I had an privilege to speak to a fabulous group of farm business owners, MAFRI folks and others. Being my first public speaking opportunity, I was honestly a little intimidated. But from all the reports and feedback, it went very well. And I really enjoyed it. A shout out to the all the […]

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5 Favorite Quotes


I’m a quote junkie. That’s right. I’ll admit it. I collect them. To be a keeper, a quote must articulate a shared insight, opinion, or experience. A quote along those lines is a reminder that I’m not alone. At least one other person has walked the same road, noticed what I have noticed and come to the […]

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Blogging through the Busyness of Business

Blogging as a discipline can be especially difficult when you’re the chief cook and bottle washer – when everything rests on you – and seemingly lesser endeavours, “non pay side activities” are crowded out by daily (deadline driven) demands and the noise of the urgent. Looking back over this month’s blog activity I realize I have […]

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10 Things I Learned the Hard Way + One More

After 12+ years in business, I have made my share of mistakes. Most of them common and textbook and avoidable. But I still made them. Theory is easier to learn and spout, but a thousand times tougher to put into practice. Though difficult and even painful, experience has proven to be a better teacher. You and […]

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The Power of Stories


I‘ve been a fan of  Sir Ernest Shackleton. His Antarctic expedition and his leadership have always inspired me. But this isn’t a post about Shackleton. It’s about the ad and the power of stories. The account goes something like this: In preparation for one of his upcoming expeditions, Shackleton took out a newspaper ad which […]

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