Meet Jeremy Wat Designer + Illustrator


As a solo designer for over a decade, interacting with local design types has always been a bit of a challenge. So about eight months ago when I was invited to join a new Facebook group for local designers, called The Design Pool, it didn’t take much convincing. I jumped right in. The chance to connect, to […]

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What I Learned From My Mutton Bustin’ Daughter


  What the Sam Hill is Mutton Busting, you ask? For kids under 60 lbs, it’s a firsthand taste of rodeoing – a chance to test young wits and mettle…riding sheep. Out of 100, points are awarded for length of ride, difficulty, and crowd participation. In a flurry of dust and wool, it’s usually over in less […]

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Just do it


    Anything worth doing is worth doing badly I have been bumping into a common theme over the past several weeks. Finally, this morning I’ve hit that tipping point where I couldn’t NOT write about this. Observing the lack of blog posts this year, I have been suffering from some form of inertia, procrastination, […]

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Becoming a Certified Graphic Designer


  Update! I am now a full-fledged card carrying member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. Read about it here. I’m working toward becoming a professional member of the GDC – Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. For those who aren’t aware, to join the association requires an extensive portfolio review. Acceptance will […]

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Meet Doug Coates, CGD

I met Doug Coates a lifetime ago. 1995. I was still in school and “co-opped” at Vision Color – my first real job in the industry. I learned a lot about the technical (prepress) side of print and ultimately discovered prepress was not my thing. I leaned more toward the creative side. When Doug began at Vision as […]

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