Moving Forward

Taking Risks is the Right Thing to Do If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business it’s that all risks weigh the same. It’s the consequences that are measured in degrees of danger. In February 1988, I spent a quiet hour talking with Carol Shields, the late Governor General’s Award and Pullitzer Prize-winning author, about […]

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What’s new(s)

As some of you know, I have been reworking my website and blog. Since June to be exact. I’ve wanted to get it completely perfect before launch… Ah perfection, my enemy. You are an elusive ideal. And so instead, I consider this site to be a ‘living document’. In other words, it will continue to […]

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A New Perspective

This summer, our family was thrown a serious curve ball. Our plans for family outings, day trips and the like were brought to a grinding halt one evening when my wife began to complain of abdominal pain. A reluctant trip to emergency resulted in a week long stay in hospital, numerous tests and a gall […]

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Stop Toast Brutality

I spotted this ad as a billboard on the drive to the office one morning. It got an instant laugh. Why? Because this happens to everyone and it probably happened to me that same morning. It’s also why this ad for Gaylea spreadable butter has worked so well. It used a relatively common problem and […]

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Facing the reality of microstock

Over the past eight years I have had the privilege of working on unique and rewarding projects. Together we have solved marketing/communications problems which demanded unique solutions. With our semi-tanked economy, undoubtedly more of us have felt the pinch. Enter microstock to save the limited budget. They boast inexpensive (read cheap) professional images. Being cost […]

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