A Wanted Ad

Nearly two decades ago and not long after I had landed several writing gigs (read two), I answered an ad for a “Hot New Copywriter.” I wrote and rewrote my response and filled a wastebasket full of three-point shots before I stopped and called instead. It was an agency position and I was riding a high of being a semi-accomplished ad writer so I thought, why not? 

I called and left my name.

The agency called me back late the same afternoon. “Just responding to your ad,” I stalled, simultaneously trying to sound noncommittal with a been-here-a-thousand-times-before kind of voice.

“Yes?” The word was formed more as a question than an affirmative statement. Silence followed. 
“You’re looking for a hot new copywriter?” I asked quietly. My question was met by more silence, then the voice on the phone became a slow sultry whisper.

“Are you hot?”

I fumbled the phone, startled and unprepared.

“Are you hot?”  the voice asked again nearly inaudible.

“I don’t know,” I stammered, my heart pounded, my mind raced.
“Well, send us your resume, and we’ll get back to you.”

The phone clicked. And I wondered what just happened.

I don’t remember the agency now, or whether I sent the resume in or not. But that five minute exchange is still firmly etched in my mind, now more as a humorous and bizarre anecdote than the  traumatic experience it was for this fresh twenty-something.

I thought I’d share.

Any humorous job-hunting stories of your own? Please comment below.